Custom Software Development


Microsoft Power Apps and Power Automate

Microsoft's premier low-code app development system and their modern workflow platform are a perfect match for each other. We can develop your line-of-business apps, based on Office 365 or Dynamics 365, quicker and more cheaply than you would think possible. From simple forms to complex database-driven workflow automation, Power Apps and Automate can empower your business for a fraction of the cost of traditional custom-developed apps.


Microsoft Teams

Microsoft newest and most popular business collaboration tool has many tricks up its sleeve. Besides chat, Teams can host apps that access external content, respond to queries, and give users updates. By using apps within Teams, business can give their employees a more efficient way to interact with other company systems, external information, and each other.

We can take your collaboration needs and turn them into an app that your employees will love to use. 


Web Applications

For businesses that need the power of a full-custom solution, we can craft a web application using modern user interface frameworks and the most reliable server and database back-ends. Our applications have been tested with thousands of users and proven capable of handling the toughest of requirements with resiliency and stability.

Our web apps comply with all applicable security and accessibility standards to ensure your data is safe and usable.


Desktop/Web/Mobile Platforms

Modern applications are not one-size-fits-all, and trying to shoehorn a desktop app onto a mobile device, or vice versa, just leads to unsatisfactory user experiences and lost productivity. Our proprietary development process allows us to create one application core and repackage it for a variety of platforms. So desktop apps look like desktop app, and mobile apps look like mobile apps.

We can tailor the look and feel of your app to fit the target device, without having to rewrite the app multiple times.  


The Product Lab

In addition to our custom work for specific clients, we also create packaged apps, ready to deploy in your environment. These stand-alone apps, often inspired by our custom work but rewritten to address a wider range of needs, serve a variety of fields:

  • Dividend Investing
  • Nurse Timekeeping and Visit Notes
  • Meeting Management
  • Technology Purchasing