Integrity Health Services CASE STUDY


The Client

Integrity Health Services is one of Florida's premier home healthcare service companies. Their mission is to provide unparalleled service to patients and medical facilities throughout the community by offering the highest quality personnel at affordable prices. Kiely-Rivero Inc. migrated their email and file shares to Office 365. 

The Problem

Integrity has grown from one small office to a corporate office and 5 branch offices with over 100 employees. During that period of growth, they were focused on patient care and not on technology until the inefficiencies became too great. Sharing files was achieved through email attachments, resulting in version confusion. Different offices used different applications and forms. Accessing a branch office's file server required remotely taking over a user's computer for the duration, disrupting their work day. 

The Solution

Integrity engaged Kiely-Rivero Inc. to identify and implement a technology solution that would unify the company data. KRI recommended Office 365, which would provide them with Office applications for all employees, and HIPAA-compliant email and data storage. KRI provided project management and migration services, beginning with communications to all Integrity employees to set expectations, developing a migration timeline, scheduling all project activities, and providing training and documentation for tasks that employees needed to perform. 

The first stage of the project was migrating 110 email accounts. KRI conducted this remotely using the Office 365 Import Service. Once the accounts were migrated, Integrity was able to make use of Groups and Shared Mailboxes to improve and simplify communication. 

The next stage was migrating 800 GB of content from 6 file servers in different locations to SharePoint. KRI performed this using the Microsoft SharePoint Migration Tool. Most of the content was migrated to the Intranet, which consists of a site for each office and one site for shared access. Confidential content was migrated to restricted sites as needed by specific employees. 

After migrating the data, KRI trained all of the Integrity employees in the use of SharePoint. They also provided power user and admin training for select employees. 

Integrity employees quickly and independently adopted Microsoft Teams for internal communications, replacing Skype. KRI made use of the screen-sharing capability in Teams to train Integrity employees throughout the project. 

The Outcome

All of Integrity's content is now in SharePoint where it can be easily found via full-text search. Because documents are stored in one location and accessible by employees in the various offices, there is no longer uncertainty about document versions. SharePoint permissions allow for greater security than was possible with shared drives.

Integrity operates 24/7, so the ability to access email and files from anywhere at any time is crucial. Previously, on-call employees had to take home copies of any documents they might possibly have needed to cover any eventuality to properly serve their customers. 

Exchange email offers more functionality than Integrity's previous POP3 email, including calendaring and the ability to have email messages available on multiple devices. 

During a recent project, Integrity was able to give secure SharePoint access to an outside contractor, which enabled seamless collaboration and sped up the progress of the project.