IT-Enabled Services


Business Process Analysis

Before you begin, you have to know where you are and where you're going.  We can help you answer those questions.

Technology is a tool.  A very effective tool, but a tool nonetheless. Before you invest the time and effort to bring it into your business, you need to identify where it can add value and make your company more productive. That's where we come in.

We have years of experience in understanding how processes function inside companies like yours. We're experts at finding the pain points, the bottlenecks, and the gaps that technology can address and designing the necessary processes to help your business function more effectively. And we're sensitive to the fact that all this costs money, so we identify where you can get the most bang for the buck.


Technology Architecture and Implementation

Technology  is only as useful as the information it contains, and that information can't be useful if you and your employees can't find it.  Our first step is to create a logical structure that ensures your data will be where people expect it to be. Our goal is to make sure that your users can get their information quickly and easily.

Once we know what it's going to look like, we can build it for you. We take your architecture and design, throw in some software code, and come up with the solution you need. Our development and testing is second to none, and we'll create all the documentation and training you'll need to get the most out of your tech. And when you're ready to deploy, we'll help you get your existing data moved into it with minimal effort. Using state of the art tools, we minimize the disruption to your business.


Administration and Support

Once your project is up and running, you might find you need some help keeping it running at its best. Whether installed on-premises or hosted in the cloud, complex systems need looking after to keep them delivering great results. From routine activities like managing users and permissions to more specialized tasks like analyzing logs, creating reports, and auditing performance, we can help you administer your services quickly and easily, freeing you up to run your business.

 And if you ever need help, we're here. We can provide support on a subscription basis or as-needed. Whatever level of assistance you need, our experienced staff can help you get back up and running quickly. Whether your server has a glitch, a user lost a file, or you need advice on how best to use your tech's functionality, we can help you with that.


Training and Governance

Our training is top-notch. From end users to admins, we can make sure your employees know the ins and outs of your systems and can use them to the fullest. The tool is only as good as the skill of the craftsman. Let us make sure your craftsmen have those skills.

 And once in place, technology can take on a life of its own. Your employees will do things with it that you never imagined and without rules in place, the situation can quickly degenerate into chaos. We can help you create your rules of the road, to ensure your team knows where they should go, and where the boundaries are.