The Client

 South Florida Foster and Adoptive Parent Association (SFFAPA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to finding and supporting foster families in South Florida. Their mission is to provide better outcomes for children in foster care through the support, education, and empowerment of those who care for them. Kiely-Rivero Inc. (KRI) created applications for SFFAPA to manage monthly meeting attendance and all membership data.

The Problem

SFFAPA tracked information on spreadsheets which were kept by individual board members. Continuing education certificates, issued at monthly meetings, were manually created and emailed to members, and were also stored in various locations. SFFAPA needed an efficient way to provide members with continuing education certificates for meeting attendance and to store these certificates in a central location. They also needed a method of tracking membership and providing reports to regulatory organizations. 

The Solution

SFFAPA had signed up for Office 365 but had not started using it. They engaged KRI to address their pain points. KRI developed solutions using SharePoint, Power Automate,  and Power Apps. All SFFAPA data is now stored in SharePoint Online, which serves as their single source of truth, and the data is updated and accessed via two Power Apps.

One Power App is used by members to sign in at monthly meetings. New members use this App to register with SFFAPA, and existing members use it to add or update information about themselves and their families. After the meeting, an Automate flow creates each member's continuing education certificate and emails it to them.

The other Power App is used by members of the SFFAPA board to enter meeting information, manage certificates, and view member information. They can also view member rosters and meeting attendance reports, which are created by an Automate flow after each monthly meeting for submission to state agencies. 

The Outcome

SFFAPA's data is now in one central location where it can be accessed by its board members and general members via PowerApps. This enables the board members to respond more quickly to requests for information from state agencies and gives members the ability to modify their own information.